Saturday, February 5, 2011

Year 3- Done!!!

What a good day for an anniversary of life!

I just thought I'd write a few words today; life is so different than 3 years ago!  My body was coming to a standstill as I had little blood to nourish it.  Life was coming to a freezing halt as everything went on hold until better days.  I feel so blessed to be shown amazing beauty in that stillness!
   *Like grass coated with frost, I was insulated from harm in a protective environment of excellent care.
   *Just as our breath is miraculously visible on a cold morning, I witnessed the hourly evidence of prayers spoken.
   *At first impression there was monotony, but then I realized the copious shades of service, layering me with a contrast of health to my impending illness.
   *The silent moments allowed me the luxury of looking within, strengthening my roots, and stretching my listening abilities beyond my sight.
   *Relying on stores of nurishment, I gained gratitude for all the preparations both spiritually and physically of myself and others.
   *The hush of winter reminds you there is a spring coming soon, full of life and awakenings!

The winter for me is melting away.  I feel the warmth and energy slowly piercing the fog of my brain and slowed body.  Thank you for your patience with me, and thank you for your loving support.  I am truly humbled when I think of all the lesson plans others created on my behalf; the time spent in notes, phone calls, and visits; the amounts of faith and care that were extended to me and my family; the schedules and needs that were rearranged to ease my burdens; the moments of focused listening to my thoughts...I thank you.  These are feeble words, but heartfelt.  I hope I can someday be that robin for you on your wintry day, reminding you that the climate will change soon.