Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Wow. Where did the last two months go? Hope you are all well and enjoying the festivities! There's been a lot of sickness going around, and we've had our fair share. I think we're finally moving on... just in time for good times of celebration!

Before I go on, I need to get this out of the way...., "New Moon rocks!" There are not words to describe my satisfaction with the film, so all you fellow Twilighters out there..... YIPPEE!!! Hope you all enjoyed it equally!
Okay, NOW.... the much awaited pictures of the Renovation!!! Da-da-da. Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped, and those who have shared the joy of home improvement. We're all pretty crazy, aren't we?! All in all, we are very pleased with the results, and are thankful it's done! Project HGTV inspiration....done. For now!

In October, we were sooo lucky to have KC's parents come visit for a week, and then we went and visited SLO for a weekend! (We so did not plan that right...) We went to California with Sarah's parents to remember her Uncle David, who had passed recently. It was great fun seeing the cousins and extended family. Sad reason to come together, but it was time filled with hugs and support.

While in San Luis Obispo, Tracie shared an AMAZING Halloween dinner with us before we left. What a great way to get "in the mood" for the holiday! We must say, however, that the company was the best part of the whole meal!

As for Spooktacular holiday cheer back home, KC and I participated in Trunk 'or Treat for the first time ever.... had a blast. KC also participated in our ward's yearly Pie, Soup, and Chili night. No awards, but he had a great time! The corn chowder was delicious, and the Bananas Foster pie.... YUM!

We wish you a wonderful holiday! We continually are in awe of our many blessings and hope we show our gratitude by giving thanks and enjoying the love of family and friends each day.
Happy Thanksgiving!