Friday, August 14, 2009

From Sea to Shining Sea!

We've had an amazing month on our travels! We feel so very lucky to have had the opportunities to visit with family and see amazing new things. (At least it was all new to Sarah!) There is so much to tell, it's quite overwhelming, and would probably border on boring, so once again we'll give you the quick list of highlights:

Washington DC Trip:
  • Seeing Ben Graduate!
  • Fishing with Isa and Gabi
  • The Mall with all its museums, Union Station
  • Visiting the White House, Supreme Court, Capitol Building, seeing Congress in action, etc.
  • Aviation and Space Museums, Botanical and Arboretums
  • DC Temple, National Basilica, National Cathedral
  • Arlington Cemetery with changing of the guards
  • Looking for John Philip Sousa's Grave.... not finding it!
  • All the amazing monuments! FDR, Lincoln, Jefferson, Iowa Jima.....
  • Going up in the Washington Monument with the Krengel Clan
  • Seeing the National Documents in the Archives with Daniela and Isa
  • Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, Antietem,Bull Run
  • Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown
  • Other various Battlesights, GREENERY, sheets of rain
  • Singing "the Wheels on the bus" while we drive our rental Charger
  • Monticello, Mount Vernon, President Wilson's home
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island, Georgetown, Old Alexandria, Old Post Office
  • International Spy Museum, Ford's Theatre

Sooooo much more! It was wonderful, and we made the most of EVERY moment! Thank you to Ben, Daniela, Isabel, and Gabriella for giving us their time; it was a perfect vacation!

Once we got home, we had a day and a half, and then it was off to....