Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yingle, Yingle!!!

For all those Edward lovers out there....! This is from someone on the staff at; a website that is literally my daily happy pill! I know. Pathetic. Still love it, though!
(To turn off the celebratory music so you can watch the "show", go to the "part Dos" entry, the first slide set, and hit the sound button. Whala...silence!)

My leukemia news has been pretty boring the last few months; just doing my protocol and same old stuff week to week. But, I FINALLY have some fun news to report! I've been "graduated".... in a sense. What it means? Separate from my weekly chemo treatments, my monthly visit has "graduated" to seeing the P.A., freeing up my amazing oncologist to see sicker people. P.S. The sicker people group no longer includes me. Pretty great, right?! Right. Dr. Bott had quite the twinkle in his eye as we talked over the good news.
Then, to top it off, my platelets are joining the party of my bloodstream. They were slow to come back, but I haven't been in the "low" category for two weeks now. Awesome. So, feel free to do a happy dance with me. Then shake it all around....

My Christmas wish for you is that you enjoy the holiday and savor each:
carol and song of the season
ornamented tree

pine bough, bundle of cinnamon, and scented pinecone
decoration that brings joyous memories
falling flake that gives hope for a White Christmas
lit up house on your street
cheesy TV special
book that makes you cry (am not...)
card from loved ones far and near
snacks that go sooo against every diet invented
present you wish for others, whether it is bought or not
moment in which you testify of the miracle of Jesus

Merry Christmas! Love to all, and Peace on Earth.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Wow. Where did the last two months go? Hope you are all well and enjoying the festivities! There's been a lot of sickness going around, and we've had our fair share. I think we're finally moving on... just in time for good times of celebration!

Before I go on, I need to get this out of the way...., "New Moon rocks!" There are not words to describe my satisfaction with the film, so all you fellow Twilighters out there..... YIPPEE!!! Hope you all enjoyed it equally!
Okay, NOW.... the much awaited pictures of the Renovation!!! Da-da-da. Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped, and those who have shared the joy of home improvement. We're all pretty crazy, aren't we?! All in all, we are very pleased with the results, and are thankful it's done! Project HGTV inspiration....done. For now!

In October, we were sooo lucky to have KC's parents come visit for a week, and then we went and visited SLO for a weekend! (We so did not plan that right...) We went to California with Sarah's parents to remember her Uncle David, who had passed recently. It was great fun seeing the cousins and extended family. Sad reason to come together, but it was time filled with hugs and support.

While in San Luis Obispo, Tracie shared an AMAZING Halloween dinner with us before we left. What a great way to get "in the mood" for the holiday! We must say, however, that the company was the best part of the whole meal!

As for Spooktacular holiday cheer back home, KC and I participated in Trunk 'or Treat for the first time ever.... had a blast. KC also participated in our ward's yearly Pie, Soup, and Chili night. No awards, but he had a great time! The corn chowder was delicious, and the Bananas Foster pie.... YUM!

We wish you a wonderful holiday! We continually are in awe of our many blessings and hope we show our gratitude by giving thanks and enjoying the love of family and friends each day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Only Bride We Saw This Summer...

We ended the night with watching Space Chimps while KC popped his famous popcorn. Did I say the day was magical? I'd say close to perfection!
Thanks, you guys, for taking the time with us! Love ya soo much!

From Sea to Shining Sea! Part Dos.

Washington State Trip:
  • Discovery Bay with the fog in the mornings!

  • Fort Warton with Artillary Hill, the lighthouse, and beach vistas

  • British Columbia: Miniature World and Buchart Gardens!!!

  • All of the Twilight Book sites: Port Angeles, Forks, La Push...Loved it!

  • The Rain Forests of the Olympic Penninsula: The HOH (Hall of Mosses), Sol Duc Falls

  • Seattle with the Underground Tour and Pikes Market

  • Riding the Ferries...couldn't get enough of that!

  • Washington Coast line, Astoria Bridge

  • Portland at a glance, time in the car with loved ones to just sit and talk.

    • We had AMAZING fun! I hope you all had an amazing end to your summer as well! We are hopefully finishing up renovations on the kitchen and living room in the next week or so. I'm really missing my kitchen sink and dishwasher... but it's worth the sacrifice! Time to get ready for school....

      Friday, August 14, 2009

      From Sea to Shining Sea!

      We've had an amazing month on our travels! We feel so very lucky to have had the opportunities to visit with family and see amazing new things. (At least it was all new to Sarah!) There is so much to tell, it's quite overwhelming, and would probably border on boring, so once again we'll give you the quick list of highlights:

      Washington DC Trip:
      • Seeing Ben Graduate!
      • Fishing with Isa and Gabi
      • The Mall with all its museums, Union Station
      • Visiting the White House, Supreme Court, Capitol Building, seeing Congress in action, etc.
      • Aviation and Space Museums, Botanical and Arboretums
      • DC Temple, National Basilica, National Cathedral
      • Arlington Cemetery with changing of the guards
      • Looking for John Philip Sousa's Grave.... not finding it!
      • All the amazing monuments! FDR, Lincoln, Jefferson, Iowa Jima.....
      • Going up in the Washington Monument with the Krengel Clan
      • Seeing the National Documents in the Archives with Daniela and Isa
      • Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, Antietem,Bull Run
      • Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown
      • Other various Battlesights, GREENERY, sheets of rain
      • Singing "the Wheels on the bus" while we drive our rental Charger
      • Monticello, Mount Vernon, President Wilson's home
      • Theodore Roosevelt Island, Georgetown, Old Alexandria, Old Post Office
      • International Spy Museum, Ford's Theatre

      Sooooo much more! It was wonderful, and we made the most of EVERY moment! Thank you to Ben, Daniela, Isabel, and Gabriella for giving us their time; it was a perfect vacation!

      Once we got home, we had a day and a half, and then it was off to....

      Sunday, July 12, 2009

      Summer Fun!

      I know, it's still July and I'm posting yet once again? The stars have aligned, my friends.

      The house renovations are coming along wonderfully! We are so happy with our decisions in hired help, materials, and effect on the home. We still have quite a bit left, but we're going to take a break for a few weeks and just let it marinate...or cure...or pickle... (p.s. I'm talking about the house, not our sanity!)

      Remember, Celebrate, Fight Back, Have Hope.
      I didn't write about it last time, but in June we were able to attend the Relay for Life here in Orem. It's a fundraiser for Cancer research, but they also use it as a celebration of life! Cancer survivors in attendance were celebrated (I stepped into the limelight for a bit with the others to get a really neat medal), there was incredible music, food, speeches, glow sticks, and walking around the track to earn money. At 10 pm they lit luminaries around the track that people had decorated in honor of people in their lives that have dealt with any form of cancer (it now affects 1 in 3 people!) It was really special. My family was there to support the cause, and it was definitely a bonding experience! It got a bit sentimental as we reflected on the strength of those we love who have survived or died with cancer. I'm not naming names here, but you know who you are. We love you.

      The 4th of July was a lot of fun at my parents' house. The Hansen family was able to spend the night along with us; the Olsens met up with us for a BBQ and to serve as tour guides in their new home; and Amy came for the firework extravaganza! We played lots of games, laughed and snacked, and then NAPPED! It was a true Krengel weekend.

      Lately I've noticed our pets are just cooky. I know we all love swapping crazy cat and dog stories, but each of our animals have really been showing off their personalities lately, and it's been enjoyable to have them in our lives. Gabi and Fin are finding all sorts of places to sleep after their games of hide-and-seek around the house. Binks and Chewie found their new favorite summertime treat: Otter Pops!!! They just can't get enough. Poor KC has to share...not that he minds much!

      I hope you are all enjoying your summers as well. I hope they take you to loved ones and cherished memories; isn't that what this season is all about?! 'Til next time...whenever that may be....