Monday, November 10, 2008

"The world's a mess, and I just need to...Rule it!"

Thank you, Dr. Horrible! Gotta love those quotes.

So, how about that Election!?! Wow. History in the making. "And that's all I have to say about that..." Thank you, Forrest.

I promised to update after my last doctor's appointment, so here it is. My numbers stayed about the same as last month (statistically speaking), meaning that my platelets are still low, but my immune system and blood cells are okay. Darn; no football practice for me! I guess I'll have to put my dreams aside for a while. (hehe)

After some consultation with the Doc, we decided to not worry about another bone marrow biopsy yet. If more leukemia starts happening, we should see it in the bloodwork. So, we started the maintenance stage of my protocol. This includes weekly shots of chemo, daily pills of another chemo, and then my 2 weeks of ATRA pills every 3 months. I do bloodwork every week and see the doctor every other week, so I'm being monitored very well. "My" clinic is amazing; truly.
I braced myself for the rollercoaster, but it actually hasn't been that bad. As long as the drugs don't build-up in my system, and the effects are on a sort of plateau, then no worries. I can do this for the next year or so. The real struggle is keeping a mindset of simplicity!

A favorite night was Halloween, when I was able to talk to almost EVERY niece and nephew. So cool! My favorite quote of the night was from Michelle, who asked something like:
"Aunt Sarah, is your hair still brown and all spikey, or is it back yet?"
I got quite the chuckle. I might define it as fuzzy verses spikey, and my apologies for any misquote. Love ya, Michelle!

I had great plans of creating a Halloween costume so I could be "procrastination", but unfortunately it came to fruition instead of an actual costume. Oh well. Maybe I'll do it next year... Seriously, I did not plan that.
Another amazing day was when KC and I took the dogs for a small walk in the canyon. We clocked the distance by car afterwards...2 miles. TWO MILES!!! That may sound not very far for all you athletic folks out there, but compared to what I've been able to do the last 9 months...I felt like Superwoman! It totally boosted my ego.

Not much else to report... we've been witness to much good news and recovered health to many of our family members and friends. That creates lots of smiles on our faces! KC and I send our love out to you all. Enjoy these coming holidays!