Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Much to Celebrate!

Wow, these last few days have been in the category of "perfect weather". The sky is blue, the mountains are green with still a bit of snow at the very peaks, and a warm breeze keeps the bugs off ya. It's one of those things that make you grateful God has a good eye for design!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Each time I found myself at my computer it took FOREVER for blogger to load up, so I would get distracted and then procrastinate writing until another day. What? Sarah procrastinate? Never! Hah! I guess I'm feeling a bit better. ;-)

Kat's wedding was a blessing of precious family time. I think it was everything she hoped for, and the rest of us had a splendid time, too! It was great hang'n with some of my cousins and getting reaquainted. I almost feel you could roll the STAR WARS storyline for the last time I saw them. A long, long, time ago in a far away galaxy..... Ah, good times. The "adults" were much needed medicine for the soul as well. Did I say we fun? It was great. One of my favorite moments from the wedding was at the end, when all my siblings went onto the dance floor with their children. All the little nieces' eyes lit up as they were twirled, spun, and bounced to the rhythms. The rest of us sat back and clapped with glee, our hearts bursting with warmth at the sight.

Although it was postponed a week due to my "numbers" not quite strong enough, I have now had my LAST round of chemo! Hurray!!!! It feels so good to know that I don't have to prepare for my next "dip" and I can just concentrate on getting stronger. This time around has been a bit easier than the last. A blessing I continue to feel humbled by is all the many people who donate their blood, platelets, etc. I've lost count of how many transfusions I've needed, but I am in debt to many people for their kindness of LIFE. It's amazing the difference blood makes in how you feel and function! I have also spent time feeling grateful that my condition and difficulties are temporary. To know that I am progressing through the protocol of treatment, and that there will be an end at some point that leads to health is thrilling. I know many others don't have that luxury, so I celebrate it as much as possible.

My birthday was last week, and I really was missing the opportunity to go golfing or hiking, the activities I usually hope for on my "special day". A friend of mine gave me a DVD of one of my favorite hikes (which I LOVE), so that I could enjoy the views from my couch and play "make believe". I was mentally putting that on my list of birthday activities, until my mom and I came up with a plan of creativity. We had a Princess Party! I invited all my nieces here in the area to come, dressed to rule in their disney costumes (plastic heels included) for my celebration, and insisted on my sister, Princess Jessica, and my Princess Mom/Grandma to join me in wearing our foam crowns. My dad and KC were excellent princes as we played bingo and "place the princess in the castle" (a version of pin the tail on the donkey), made crowns for the little princesses, took our pictures in Cinderella's coach, and had a feast of grilled cheese and carrots. It was perfect! We even decorated the kitchen with netting, ribbons, and roses and had a princess soundtrack to set the mood. I was tickled that we got to celebrate in a way that I could still sit down most of the time, but enjoy some fun.

My other celebrations have been talking with good friends, spending time with family, endulging in my reading, and looking forward to visits with the Scott side of the family! Truly, each day is a wonderful thing to look forward to.

Well, I hope this summer is finding you well, and with many fun plans...or no plans at all! Sometimes no plan is the one looked forward to! I'll try to be better at this blog thing and increase my patience for technology. Onward to health!