Sunday, September 21, 2008

Enjoying the Snooze Times!

Ahoy, me hearties! Did ye all celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day? I quite enjoyed my fun on Friday, and I haven't quite purged it from me system yet! I e'n witnessed a treasure hunt... it was a great end to the week! Aarr!

Well, I knew I better update my blog when a dear friend called this week worried I had disappeared into the sanitary halls of the hospital again because she hadn't seen or heard from me in a while! Oops! No worries. I'm fine. I'm just really boring, and I didn't want to send anyone into an unneeded coma. I shall try and make ammends!

The really big change for me this last month has been teaching again. I am loving being back with my incredible friends and cherished students! I am so lucky to work with people I truly care about, and who laugh with me multiple times each day... you should hear us at lunch! In addition, the puzzle of teaching curriculum and tapping into students' learning processes are soo invigorating for me. I get excited just talking about it! It does take a lot of energy I've come to realize; hence the boring part of me in the hours I am not teaching, but the energy is little payment for the reward I receive.

This year's group of students truly knock my socks off. They are so eager to learn, and always seem to be trying so hard to do their very best. It's inspirational just watching them, and the comments they make are many times commically insightful; I love my job!

I also get the gift of seeing my last year's kids in the classrooms surrounding mine. Yes, I know it sounds possessive; but to me they will always be my kids! It is so heart-warming to see their smiles and talk with them about all the great things they are doing. What innovating youth, who are busy living exciting lives! Good for them; I'm so proud.
Another exciting event was a BBQ with many of my friends from my high school gang. SO FUN! It is a miracle that we can go for years without seeing eachother, and then when we reconnect, it's like the time didn't matter. I felt as close as I did when we were 17/18 and working on conquering the world. We're still working on that, by the way. The only down side of the evening was the proof that I am indeed getting older. Babies turned into teenagers "overnight". We're not that old.... are we? Yikes. Later that night KC and I kept commenting on how special it is, that we have friends who can stand the test of time. I am truly lucky and blessed. We are eagerly looking forward to the next shindig, or whatever else we end up doing together!

As for the medical update, (I just can't seem to sign off without one...) I've been proceeding with the treatments...partly. At my last appointment, my platelets were still too low to start the full next step of my protocol. "The status is NOT quo!" (for all you Dr. Horrible fans!) Not wanting to delay too long, I've started the ATRA again and am waiting to start the daily chemo pills until the numbers are better. The doc gave me a month between my appointments, so it's been a bit strange not going into the clinic for so many days.... but much more "normal life"! I'll be taking the ATRA 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, etc. for... I don't know how long. I have experienced some side effects, but nothing I haven't already experienced. The side effect that probably impeeds me the most is the fatigue... wow. But in my 2 weeks off, watch out! I'm a whole different woman. All I can say is that KC deserves a medal of somekind. He's been a great support and model of selflessness as he helps me accomplish what I need to each day. I'm so glad I had the great taste to snatch him up the moment I saw him! Not to get mushy on ya, but I truly, deeply love that guy!

Well, happy trails to you all. I'll work on being less boring in the coming days, and maybe I might just post again soon. Then again.... you never know. I am a creature of habit! Love, love. ~Sarah