Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Light....GO!

So many good tidings of great joy today!  The last Chilean miner making it to the surface, a good friend's birthday, and lots of other happy things whose specifics have already slipped my memory... but, may I add to the celebrations?

No more daily pills. 
No more weekly IVs. 
Happy, happy, joy, joy!  I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!

What a glorious day!  Thank you to all those near and far who celebrated with me today, and continue to celebrate each day after.  I loved the many happy dances we got to share, along with the other forms of jubilee!  My students even applauded each time I entered the room to celebrate the exciting day; their joy was sooo appreciated! 

The official diagnosis is still remission, but I now have monthly visits to the doctor for a blood draw to validate the Leukemia is not back, and then after two years....I am declared CURED!  What am I going to do with my Wednesdays now?  lol.

I've learned that during our challenges in life there are moments when the road gets smoother for a while, and other times when the road forks to a whole new and different adventure; both allowing us the chance to sit down and count our many blessings, thanking God and those who sustain us in our everyday travels.  So, today as I metaphorically take one exit for another onramp, I THANK YOU! 
I have felt copious amounts of support and goodwill in my life; these last few years especially.  I am still amazed at the caring and competent care I have received from "my" doctors and nurses and whatever other titles they all hold.  My schoolmates have eased the peripheral burdens of teaching while going through my treatments, and have always inspired me in their spontaneous acts of service.  My close friends and neighbors amaze me with their awareness of others, and have taught me how to truly sustain a soul over the long haul.  My can you sum up the heroic moments from family?  They are everything.  And, not to get too sappy, but KC has been my rock.  He takes care of the world so I can hold some resemblance of "keeping it together", even when my fatigued brain and body collaborate with my stubborness.  Yea, he's cool.  I'm very happy for this path God has put me on; the scenery is beautiful!

So, as I have been sitting at this intersection for a little while now, the light has finally changed!  I'm excited to see what lies down the road, and I'm ready to put the pedal to the metal.  See ya at the next intersection.  Green light.....Go!