Sunday, February 7, 2010

Year 2- Done!!!

I've now finished my 2nd year of treatment for leukemia... and I'm pretty proud!  We're hoping for just another 9 months, and then I'll really get in some recovery time.  I miss my brain.  I miss my energy.  I hope I find them again... then again, maybe their reality is a figment of my imagination.  Maybe I'll find their glory never really was there, and all my excuses are gone!  Hummm... I'll have to think about that!
The good thing about anniversaries and all other celebrations is that you stop and take time to share gratitude and joy for all you have, and the people who enrich your life sooo much.  For all the many people who have taken time out of their lives to bring/send/or pray for my comfort and joy; I send to you a heartfelt thanks.  I continually find myself admiring all the heroes around me who do so much, so humbly.  Thank you.  I'm trying to be like YOU as I grow up!  For the many people who have dedicated themselves to their profession with much integrity and joy:  Thank you for easing my mind and body into capable hands.  You make the journey hopeful and are a support system larger than one person.  For all the people who push for, fund, and participate in research which brings cures to people's lives....Thank you.  You give people their futures; an amazing gift!  And last, but most important, I give Thanks to God.  It is He who lightens the load, gives strength when I feel "tapped", gives us the priesthood to bless our lives, inspires us through scripture, songs and service, and gives me all the reasons to live the way I do.  He makes all the previous "thanks" possible!  And, it is truly His eternal future for which I aspire!

 Just for highlighting my hair the last two years.  Vain, I know...!  But it seems to be one of the most popular topics with people, so here it is...                             

P.S.  Christmas and New Years was wonderful with so many family members around!  I'll post that later.