Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finding the Purrrrfect balance of naps

Wow, is it already another month! Time can slip through our fingers so easily....
These last two weeks I've been learning and mimicing the habits of our two cats; let me show you what I mean:
Habit #1: the sleep to awake-time ratio should be about 3:1
Habit #2: any type of space constitutes a bed
Habit #3: during awake hours, it is still proper to yawn, look sleepy-eyed, or doze off
Habit #4: looking out the window while sitting on the couch is a nice pasttime
Habit #5: bug KC long enough and he'll get you something to eat (or meds)...although he reacts much quicker to me than the two felines.

You see? Instead of the pets taking on the characteristics of the owners, I fear I have gotten the formula backwards. Oh well, I'll think about it during my nap!

This last chemo round was a bit rougher than the last. One cool note, is that it was cookie-monster blue in color! Most days as it would start, I could hear the song in my head..."C is for chemo, that's good enough for me.." This time my blood counts did drop all the way down, so I've had some transfusions and had to be careful due to no immune system. There were a few other side effects, but I am always grateful that they are temporary and mimimal.

We are getting very excited to see all our relatives who are able to make the trip for Kat's wedding...Yea!!! I'll try and adjust the sleep-awake ratio a bit when they arrive...just for them!