Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

I know, it's still July and I'm posting yet once again? The stars have aligned, my friends.

The house renovations are coming along wonderfully! We are so happy with our decisions in hired help, materials, and effect on the home. We still have quite a bit left, but we're going to take a break for a few weeks and just let it marinate...or cure...or pickle... (p.s. I'm talking about the house, not our sanity!)

Remember, Celebrate, Fight Back, Have Hope.
I didn't write about it last time, but in June we were able to attend the Relay for Life here in Orem. It's a fundraiser for Cancer research, but they also use it as a celebration of life! Cancer survivors in attendance were celebrated (I stepped into the limelight for a bit with the others to get a really neat medal), there was incredible music, food, speeches, glow sticks, and walking around the track to earn money. At 10 pm they lit luminaries around the track that people had decorated in honor of people in their lives that have dealt with any form of cancer (it now affects 1 in 3 people!) It was really special. My family was there to support the cause, and it was definitely a bonding experience! It got a bit sentimental as we reflected on the strength of those we love who have survived or died with cancer. I'm not naming names here, but you know who you are. We love you.

The 4th of July was a lot of fun at my parents' house. The Hansen family was able to spend the night along with us; the Olsens met up with us for a BBQ and to serve as tour guides in their new home; and Amy came for the firework extravaganza! We played lots of games, laughed and snacked, and then NAPPED! It was a true Krengel weekend.

Lately I've noticed our pets are just cooky. I know we all love swapping crazy cat and dog stories, but each of our animals have really been showing off their personalities lately, and it's been enjoyable to have them in our lives. Gabi and Fin are finding all sorts of places to sleep after their games of hide-and-seek around the house. Binks and Chewie found their new favorite summertime treat: Otter Pops!!! They just can't get enough. Poor KC has to share...not that he minds much!

I hope you are all enjoying your summers as well. I hope they take you to loved ones and cherished memories; isn't that what this season is all about?! 'Til next time...whenever that may be....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a Summer!

Happy 4th of July!
Let Freedom Ring throughout our land!

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of family fun and safety! I'm so glad we've had all the rain so there wasn't so much anxiety about landscape fires this year. Another thing to be grateful for! Crazy Utah weather.

So, for those of you who don't know, we've been renovating, and renovating, and renovating.... those with experience in these matters are probably chuckling because you know how it tends to go on and on. Yep. We've joined the ranks. Here's a bit of a timeline of our awesome mock-HGTV moments:

Last week of May: We got a dumpster, so KC went demo-crazy! The kitchen, the living room, the porch, the shed, the dogrun... Things were falling down around us; in a controlled and organized way as only KC can do it! Alright, so my dad helped a lot; and my mom and I helped a bit, too. I have to admit, it's fun to destroy drywall.

Month of June: We had a few weeks when the project seemed to come to a standstill; but it ended up being much better for us. We found amazing guys to work on our home! Thank you to our electricians and plumber! As for Shawn and Mike, our drywall maniacs, they rock. Seriously.

Month of July: Hurry and put it all back together before we go on vacation....go! Faster! Hurry! We still have a lot of tiling and painting to do, but it's coming. Our new kitchen cabinets will come soon, so we'll get to update the REAL before and after pictures then!