Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yingle, Yingle!!!

For all those Edward lovers out there....! This is from someone on the staff at; a website that is literally my daily happy pill! I know. Pathetic. Still love it, though!
(To turn off the celebratory music so you can watch the "show", go to the "part Dos" entry, the first slide set, and hit the sound button. Whala...silence!)

My leukemia news has been pretty boring the last few months; just doing my protocol and same old stuff week to week. But, I FINALLY have some fun news to report! I've been "graduated".... in a sense. What it means? Separate from my weekly chemo treatments, my monthly visit has "graduated" to seeing the P.A., freeing up my amazing oncologist to see sicker people. P.S. The sicker people group no longer includes me. Pretty great, right?! Right. Dr. Bott had quite the twinkle in his eye as we talked over the good news.
Then, to top it off, my platelets are joining the party of my bloodstream. They were slow to come back, but I haven't been in the "low" category for two weeks now. Awesome. So, feel free to do a happy dance with me. Then shake it all around....

My Christmas wish for you is that you enjoy the holiday and savor each:
carol and song of the season
ornamented tree

pine bough, bundle of cinnamon, and scented pinecone
decoration that brings joyous memories
falling flake that gives hope for a White Christmas
lit up house on your street
cheesy TV special
book that makes you cry (am not...)
card from loved ones far and near
snacks that go sooo against every diet invented
present you wish for others, whether it is bought or not
moment in which you testify of the miracle of Jesus

Merry Christmas! Love to all, and Peace on Earth.